To: President Donald Trump

Petition to replace present FBI investigation, escorts in any and all nominal government buildings in which there (is) (are) any order(s) requiring the escorting of Robert J. More, and any and all other nominal government investigations which absent the granting of the consideration referenced in this petition would stand to be conducted in the next year, with the hiring of former U.S. S.S. Agent Daniel Bongino, or W. Kruell, or Anyone of Similar Capacity and Probity to escort Robert J. More at a compensation and benefit package equivalent of what the FBI Director presently receives per annum for the next 365 days which again would be in lieu of the comparatively enormous sums wasted over the years and which would be standing to be expended in the next year, investigating, monitoring and/or regulating the activity of Robert J. More in various nominal government buildings and vis a vis various nominal government officials according to an arrangement in which Dr. E. Vieira would issue an opinion at the end of each year of such type arrangement regarding the overall ranking in terms of return to the general public on such type investment and if such return would not in his opinion be above that of at least 50% of the ROI for all nominal federal government expenses, then RJM would have the cost concerned assessed against RJM.

I, the undersigned, demand that the consideration referenced in this petition be provided"

Robert J. More