Document List in re FBI Investigation of Robert J. More of 032017 - D/L FBI RJM of 032017

1. D/L FBI RJM of 032017 X

2. Question of 032017 for FBI Agent MacChrystal ("FBIM") X

3. Verified Statement of 032017 of FBI agent Emmy MacChrystal Regarding Probability .... X

4. Question of 032017 for FBI Agent MacChrystal's Project Designation Immediate Supervisor

5. Verified Statement of 032017 of FBI agent Emmy MacChrystal's Project Designation Immediate Supervisor Regarding Probability ....

6. Identification of Source of Information Resulting in Investigation of Robert J. More on or about 031817

7. Total Cost to Public Treasury of Investigation of March 2017 of RJM

8. Disclaimer - General

9. Disclaimer - Interaction with Nominal Government Entity

10. Complaints Against Activity Conducted by ISMA Members

11.Total Cost to Component of Catholic Cause ("CCC") in re Which RJM Understands that he will have to provide an accounting of RJM's having to respond to FBI's March 2017 Inquiries, concerning inter alia, RJM's burden to mitigate any and all damages incurred by such CCC for possible false light, disparagement and/or defamation tort claims, and in order to ensure the administration of adequate recompense for any criminal violations, and/or other type malefactions

12. FOIA in re Investigation by FBI of RJM in March of 2017

13. Report to Trump Administration of 032017 in re FBI Investigation of RJM of March of 2017

14. Report to ISMA Executive Committee in re FBI Investigation of RJM of March of 2017

15. Record of Time Spent on 0318, 0319 and 0320 of 2017 in re FBI Invest

16. FBI Outline of 031817

17. Conditional Endorsement of FBIM and/or Supervisor of FBIM

18. Conditional Endorsement of RJM from FBIM and/or Supervisor of FBIM

19. Questions of 032017 for Nominal FBI Director J. Comey

20. Verified Statement of 032017 of Nominal FBI Director J. Comey Regarding Probability ..., Regarding His Acceptance of Appointment by the Tyrant By Usurpation B. Soetoro..., Role in Execution of L. Finicum and Siezures and Prosecutions of Ammon Bundy, Cliven Bundy....

Entries included herein supra adjacent to which there is an "X" have been included in the document collection RJM transmitted to Mr. Gordon W. Watts for transmission to FBIM on 032017

Document # 15 in D/L of FBI RJM 032017

Time spent ...

0318 - 45 minutes, 0319 - ...., 0320 - 10:00 - 12:30 - now

Document # 2 in D/L of FBI RJM 032017

Question of 032017 for FBI Agent MacChrystal ("FBIM")

What consideration does Agent MacChrystal need in order to to provide RJM a copy of the statement of Agent MacChrystal included in the collection of documents of which this document constitutes a component document as document # 3 wherein?

Document # 3 in D/L of FBI RJM 032017

Verified Statement of 032017 of FBI agent Emmy MacChrystal Regarding Probability of the FBI's Endeavoring to Capture Robert J. More ("RJM") Within the Next 30 Days

Under penalty of perjury pursuant to the provisions of 28 USC 1746, FBI agent Emmy MacChrystal herein confirms that the verifiable probability of the FBI endeavoring to capture Robert J. More ("RJM") and/or otherwise take him into custody at this juncture in history - namely within the next 30 days is not greater than it was in March of 2016 and is not greater than the probability that it would endeavor to take 100 members of the Knights of Colombus into custody within 24 hours of the commencement of any given endeavor executed for the purpose of taking RJM into custody.

/s/ Emmy MacChrystal 032017

Document # 16 in D/L of FBI RJM 032017

FBI Outline of 031817

1. Reverse Martial Law Tract

2. Special Prosecutor Appt.

3. witness bearing, burden of 4th Commandment to help enforce protections of contract Constitution constitutes against nominal govts, hospitality without detriment to first two

5. Post Schiavo - Robert Birdsong, Yeakey, Barksdale Nine, Douchette, Tillman, C. Fogartyj

6. Presumption in paragraph 18- of FR VS

7. Dont eat in restaurants, competition to protect public treasury amap so that less likelihood of govt infringing upon Catholic Cause

8. meet in Alderman's office

9. Contact Judge John Ward, CCSD Edward Bianchi, Judge R. Bartkowicz, Lanre Amu, H. Brennon Holmes, Fr. Perluzzi - now deceased, William Kruell - secret service -former law clerk of judge ward - Oregon Jury 10/27/17hj

10. What is source of problem - has some complaint been made and delivered to the FBI and if so from whom?

11. Brandenburg v Ohio threshold

12. Get closure of matter - precedent - Detective Luscero - 1999, this is the biggest waste of time..., Counter-terrorism chief - CPD - Irish last name-nov of 2007, 2006 - CCS police - notice and then immediate departure as soon as RJM began addressing issue of criminality in judiciary, U.S.M.S. - Garth ...berg, USMS visit to brother TAM which elicited his withdrawal from prosecution of case, USMS K. Roberts - we considered you a threat, now we dont at some juncture

13. Understanding of Function of FBI at juncture prior to election of Trump- Rutherford Institute and W. Grigg, September Clues,

14. Salvage - cover my moral liabilityj

15. Benicio del Torro

16. RJM's litany of horror stories - coerced psychotropic drugging

17. The wicked flee when no one is chasing them

18. What consideration for the Catholic Cause is present in any given implicit proposal?

19. Ascertain, contain, dismantle, reconstruct

20. Formula - present function of FBI - C. Fogarty -

21. Robert Wright,Ted Gunderson, Mr. Curran

22. RJM's complaints against FBI, complaints to FBI in re evident violations of federal laws in which there would be a criminal penalty operative,

23. examples of risks involved in ending up in government custody - RJM - psychotropic drugging, Dr. Shelton -psych drugging, evidently false charges of criminal activity, Jack Richman - death, Kenneth Trentadue - torture, maiming and death, Richard Lee Guthrie - death, Edgar Steele - death, Gordon Kahl - torture and death

3/20/17 - thresholds - 1. activity which elicited contact from FBI SA to RJM,2. activity necessary for Agent to be capable of closing this matter at measure of presumption of adequate coverage of whatever threshold she would understand

presumption that she is an atypical Robert Wright (Joe Banister, Sheri Jackson, William Kruell, Tim Scannell, von Stauffenberg) not a Jody Weiss, Lon Horiuchi, Andrew Arena, Larry ..., FBI HRT, non-atypical Neo Nazi jack-booted thug, such arrangement does not modify the reality of the component of the record of activty of the FBI in re which RJM is cognizant

RJM's burden to protect the value of the Estate of RJM

understanding of RJM that at this juncture in history no activity involving any burden-bearing citizen who is actually succeeding in bearing his or her burden to adequately enforce the protections of the contract which the Constitution of the u.s. of A. constitutes against any component of nominal government activity nor citizen atttempting to bear his or her burden to enforce the protections of such contract and any nominal govt can justifiably be predicated upon a presumption that the activity which would be conducted by the govt IAGI would possess moral legitimacy

RJM's willingness to predicate any reliance involving any measure of consideration of any substance upon a presumption of legitimacy of the activity of any nominal government at this juncture in history is certainly not any more than that of the 12 jurors who acquitted the MWR defendants on 10/27/16