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2. Report of 012518

discussion w FBI Agent E. McChrystal - RJM complained of chilling effect upon participation in joint cooperative ventures of RJM's being followed by nominal govt officials

red flags according to her: thirstforjustice.tripod.com - profiles in terror stage #6 & 7 Roman Catholic Dispute Resolution Chart, projectiles...(possibly illegible word is aggressor), bounty fund, common law tribunal.

RJM - analogy of responsibility for a child. RJM has to go into some building into which the child cannot be brought. RJM leaves him or her with a dog guard on a leash. that dog cannot be left muzzled and it cannot be impotent. its bearing of fangs and barking must be kept between the child and anyone who might cause him or her harm. likewise, RJM has been dealing with attorney and client and adjudicative competitors for decades who are so lacking in any hedge (Is. 5:4) that absent a demonstration of the capacity and if necessary, the commitment, to counter criminality and violence with morally legitimate, defensive force, it could very well be that the disincentives to predations present in any given encounter might not be sufficient to deter predations in the first instance, whereas , were the types of capacity and commitment referenced herein supra demonstrated, such might have made the balance-tipping difference IAGI. in other words conveyances of some greater measure of emphasis of such type phenomena might be necessary to make a strong enough impression to elicit a given more rather than less favorable to the Catholic Cause, response than a less emphatic conveyance, IAGI.

RJM - dated material - material difference with Trump in office - explanation in re reasons how - nominal nation on brink of imposition of martial law - 2009, 2013, 2015, M Adams - 100 Days, Dr. C. Manion

Von Stauffenberg, Guy Fawkes, Rothschilds, Elie Weisel, Aaron Russo, Ben Freedman, Greg Abbot - TX gov. Dr . G. Evenson, David Clark, Denny Peyman, Bundys, Lavoy Finicum, Gordon Kahl, Terrence Yeakey, Robert Wright, Hitler, Franco, Pope Pius XII, Popes, Nesta Webster, Council on Domestic Relations

present focus for next 36 months of ISMA unless Trump does not last that long - development of alternatives to utility dependence, apprehended govt dependence, and formation of rhinocerous like adults via education and formation of children - possibility that trigger event still might not have been used even 20 years from now given over 25 years of postponement out of fear of backfire going back to plans at time of RE 84

RJM - what has to be accomplished for me to procure a confirmation of termination of investigation to this juncture?

total time of calls 95 minutes and now this report completion, conversion and posting

calls for 012418 - estimated 15 minutes added to 5 minutes on monday 012218 and RJM's endeavors to organize a meeting on wed 012418


/s/Robert J. More 012518