FBI Agent MacChrystal

In re the provisions of Magna Charta Clause 61 - first superseding version of this document as somehow one sentence of its predecessor ended up being incomplete

FTR, in case the point this conveyance concerns has not been adequately understood by you, there is no provision in MC Cl 61 for auto-adjudication of any given grievance against the sovereign and/or his subordinates nor for any use of force for any reason other than property confiscation except in protection of moral and/or bodily integrity of self and/or others and/or the protection of adequately adjudicated claims to property in any type of arrangement in which the requirements of the moral law would evidently not permit the making of any concession(s) in this regard, but rather would require some type of property confiscation in any given instance in order to adequately vindicate and protect a given measure of consideration, the protection of which could not adequately be provided without the use of any such type confiscation, in any given instance ("IAGI"). The burden between the postulator of this proposition and any and all conjectural contestor(s) whereof, as RJM understands it, would be upon any contestor whereof to either provide an alternative whereto which would adequately cover all of the requirements of the moral law regarding the cluster of issues concerned or concede its legitimacy. The de facto presently operative surrogate model of nominal legal edict promulgation and execution has usurped the indigenous model (see Common Sense Revisited - C. Cleveland, Secret of Oz and/or Moneymasters - Bill Still) intended by the authors of the constitution to the ruin of the social order, the just ordering of which is of such monumental importance to that entity referenced in Ad Sacerdoti Catholici (1935) as "The Catholic Cause" which is the salvation of souls. Moreover, the agenda which has been in and remains in, the process of being superimposed upon this Country, the Occident and ultimately the entire world once Red China and the few other nations whose money supplies are not controlled by the Rothschilds et al at this juncture would have been subdued, is beyond any rational dispute in RJM's necessarily non-infallible understanding, that of Jewish Supremacism - aka Talmudic Barbarity and it is a genocide via democide abomination unto the Lord. FTR, the issue of the arrangements in which the use of force would be morally justified and those in which it would not be is of such comparatively enormous importance, that RJM is in the process of explicating and then posting RJM's understanding of the exact location of such boundaries. FTR, FBI SAIC for Omaha, NE, Randall Thysse has made published reference to a "moral compass", U.S. Secret Service Agent William Kruell has demonstrated the possession of such type entity which in RJM's understanding is adequately functioning in at least a number of areas, as have a number of other representatives and/or former representatives of now nominal u.s. of A. Federal government entities and/or private contractors associated and/or employed whereby, such as Joe Banister, Sherry P. Jackson and John Turner. The difficulty of adequately accurately ascertaining the application of the requirements of moral law to various situations which have come into existence over the past three decades and more could hardly be exaggerated, and proceeding forward, RJM understands himself to be obligated to contribute to the dissipation of the plethora of errors abounding in this area and to provide formulas for the adequate rectification of the innumerable wrongs yet to be rectified and the protection of the Catholic Cause . Whatever list might be in existence of those who are not unembarassed and unashamed regarding (his)(her)(their) share of the responsibility for the Tsunami of wickedness, perversion, cruelty and barbarity by which the Apostate Society in which this document has been composed indisputably has been plagued during the period since my 7th birthday thru today and who at least profess, and hopefully, manifest more in act than in mere speech a commitment to make restitution to the Catholic Cause, including most prominently, to those in possession of the grace of justification, those not too incorrigible to be, all but beyond, for all practical purposes, the reach of God's mercy, the world's children not possessing the use of reason and posterity, RJM would hope that his name would not have been left whereoff. Woe is RJM if his record of activity to this date is so pathetic, that if there is any such list, that RJM's name could not be found whereupon.

Unsorry that there are levels below which I cannot permit myself to conduct activity, lines I cannot cross and burdens the bearing of which cannot remain unborne to the extent the adequate bearing of which in any given instance would lie within my necessarily limited capacities. 1 Cor. 6:9 ("...your bodies are not your own....")

/s/Robert J. More 030218