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Tribute to W.R More, Dr. John Cywinski, Patrick Valentine, Mrs. K Johlie, Fund

Invitation is extended to check back in re this fund as the project concerned develops.

Robert J. More, upon behalf of the entire More Family, offers our heartfelt condolences in re the entrance into eternity of the much beloved (in the case, a perfect act of contrition was made by PV between the time at which a religious affiliation can best be determined from activity conducted in the external forum of conscience by him which was not compatible with the proclamations of Cantate Domino, Mirari Vos and Mortalium Annos applicable to the issue of any given soul's actual condition, and his death, (otherwise the prohibition upon prayers for those dying outside the Catholic Church posted in the Dimond's website would evidently be controlling of this expression of condolences in re this matter) Patrick Valentine. A tribute fund has been established in his honor in the hopes that empowerment received from Pat, Tim and Mike Valentine by the Mores can be channelled into the Catholic Cause. Anyone ever in need of assistance in the procurement and/or retention of the grace of justification in this most sinful of times is welcome to solicit such from such fund or otherwise from the ISMA.

/s/Robert J. More 030218