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Official revisions to Presently Operative Will of Robert J. More in re "Estate of Robert J. More" of 101317

1. The following persons have been designated 1% shares in the Estate of Robert J. More, subject to revocation only upon the perpetration from this moment forward of some scandal of a genus which would have resulted in excommunication from the Catholic Church upon some basis other than heresy or schism in the period of 100 A.D. thru 10281958 A.D.:

1. John Bertucci, Chicago, IL

2. Caroline More, Madison, WI

2. " " 2% between the two of them

Thomas Flynn ...FL, and David Mitchell -residence unknown as of this date, T. Flynn should be capable of finding him -

4. " " 10% Thomas E. Murphy, Bristol, IN

5. " " 5% Bradley Ball Monon, IN if he still adheres to the PLMECD as of this date

Each of the designations referenced herein is subject to a cap of $200,000 for consideration received to the component of the Catholic Cause in re which Robert J. More presently understands that he will have to provide an accounting ("CCCRJM"), to which, in the future, will be added measures of consideration for consideration directly actually received by such CCCRJM in the future.

Being of sound mind and body on this date, I Robert J. More endeavoring to improve my prospects for procuring deliverance from all evils (Mt. 6:13), via the demonstration of mercy referenced in Jas. 2:13, via the support of evil containtment (Rom. 12:21) and the reconstruction of the social order via the establishment and management of institutions ordered to the fulfillment of the consent based mandate issued in Jn. 21:15 and Mt. 28:20, do herein complete this document via signing it:

/s/ Robert J. More 101317, Witness #1 ______________________, Witness #2 __________________