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Disclaimer - Associations of ISMA Member between (DO7thBday) 04071967 and (DO most emphatic realization of evident consequences of ROA) 09222006 -

ISMA BR. #4 AAA, RJM is too 1. non-unashamed, 2. heavily burdened, 3. weary, 4. concerned to not injure anyone's prospects for eternal salvation via, inter alia, contributing to the conferrment of the appearance of legitimacy upon any priorities and/or activity not possessing such and correlatively, in so doing, IAGI, having his own ROA incur culpability for sin, not to mention making restitution for any and all detriment incurred by the Catholic Cause from such ROA, and to extricate himself from what absent extrication wherefrom, IAGI, would evidently constitute an enormous burden of disclaiming attendance at individual sacrilegious religious ceremonies, etc. etc., to ever again communicate with anyone with whom RJM had ever communicated and/or discuss any acts ever executed and/or foregone between 04071967 and 09222006 - the date of RJM's father's death, except what would evidently be indispensably necessary, IAGI, to protect the component of the Catholic Cause for which RJM understands himself to be responsible from the incurrment of any detriment from any non-discussion whereof. Complaint forms regarding the possible incurrment of any detriment by the Catholic Cause - which necessarily includes the prospects for eternal salvation of every human person, without exception, from RJM's conducting of activity according to such formula are available on the ISMA Br. #4 websites or from RJM at: The reasoning upon which this protocol was formulated is available from the same sources as the complaint form. RJM is sorry for any detriment the implementation of this policy might cause but "Nox venite cum nunc homen operat" (Mt ..:..).